Welcome to CooCoo's Membership Page

Here you will find everything needed to manage your CooCoo online marketing strategy. Please view the different sections below for information on what you need to do next, and monitor how your marketing campaign is improving.

Step 1

Register on our website here "User Registration", or log in below...

Step 2

You can add your own free listing by skipping to the next step, or if you prefer that Coocoo adds your business listing, or if you would like to become a Premium Supplier, and have Coocoo manage your social media marketing, and online marketing, then please click here to download our client registration form.

Step 3

Add your free event listing on our website by clicking on the ADD ENTRY button under any category page, or click here to add your business listing now.

Step 4

When your listing is approved, you will see data pertaining to your listing (View your listing Here), as well as your listing details etc.

Step 5

Now that your business is listed on our website, you can make changes as needed, and come back any time to view how your business listing is performing.

Step 6

You can also register as a banner advertiser on our website, and promote your businesses in any of our 4 advertising spots on the website. To view our available packages, please click here.

Step 7

You can advertise you business on our bi-monthly newsletter by submitting the following form, and sending us your creatives, or we will design a standard banner for you for free.