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All goods purchased on CooCooTM will be Shipped / Collected or Delivered by the advertising supplier. CooCooTM offers only the service to connect Buyers to Suppliers, and therefore does not have access, or store any goods on our premises. It is the reponsibility of the Supplier to deliver the goods in a timely fashion, and in excellent condition. Please contact the Supplier if goods have not been delivered as stated, and try to resolve the issue. If the delivery issue cannot be resolved within 7 working days of delivery date, then CooCooTM can be contacted to intervine and find a suitable solution.

Purchased Services

All services purchased on CooCooTM will be supplied as advertised on the date requested. Services that can not be honored by a supplier, can be transferred to a different CooCooTM Supplier, on agreement between Supplier and Buyer. It will be the responsibility of the Supplier to give advanced notice if the Service cannot be honored, and as such the Buyer has the right to request a full refund from the Supplier, or enter a transfer agreement with the Supplier, where a suitable replacement can be made.

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