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This area is strictly for Preferred Suppliers. If you would like to become a CooCoo Preferred Supplier, please click here:

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Why you should become a Preferred Supplier and advertise on the CooCoo website

CooCoo is the first online event resource emporium, intended to connect Buyers to our Preferred Suppliers. We aim to provide Buyers with a variety of choices of products / services when preparing for their events. The success of CooCoo is directly proportionate to the integrity of Preferred Suppliers and the quality of goods / services they supply to Buyers. If you qualify as a Preferred Supplier, you will be able to add as many products / services to our website that you deem fit. By promoting your products / services on the CooCoo website, you are providing Buyers with the best resources available for events of any nature.

As a Preferred Supplier it is important to receive inquiries and sales – this is the reason why CooCoo limits the amount of Preferred Suppliers per category and province. Our goal is to provide an exceptional return on investment (ROI) on your subscription fee. This is also why we encourage our Preferred Suppliers to add as many products / services as possible and to keep prices up to date. The more products / services you add, the better the chance of receiving sales and so increase your ROI.

The CooCoo website is designed for all platforms – desktop, mobile and tablets – so that we cater for potential Buyers on every device. It also means that you don't need to have your own website optimised to perform on these platforms – instead, use our up-to-date technology to promote your products / services.

Where does the Subscription Fee and Setup Fee go?

Setup Fee — To join and setup your products on Coocoo costs R399.00 per month, or R4389.00 per year (1 month free).

Add own products = unlimited = FREE

CooCoo adds your products = 1-9 @ R29.00 per product added
10-19 @ R27.00 per product added
20-29 @ R24.00 per product added
30-39 @ R22.50 per product added
40+ Products @ R19.50 per product added

Additional Advertising
Home Page Banner
= R1199.00 per quarter (3 months) (only 5 spots available)
Province Banner = R749.00 per quarter (3 months) (only 9 spots available)
Main category and subcategory banner = R449.00 per quarter (3 months) (Only 3 Spots available per subcategory)

Payment Fee
— 5% payment fee for products / services purchased via the CooCoo website. If any products are purchased via our website, irrelevant if the deal has been concluded or not, there will be a 5% fee applied to your account. If you are contacted directly via our website, then there will be no fee involved, however you may not advertise that clients should contact you directly, or inflate the product prices to avoid our 5% fees.

What makes CooCoo different?

CooCoo is the first online event resource emporium, intended to connect Buyers to our Preferred Suppliers and we care about both Preferred Suppliers and Buyers. It is important we only have Preferred Suppliers advertising on our website that strictly comply with our terms of service and provide the best products / services in the event industry. We limit the amount of Preferred Suppliers on our website for two reasons – we do not wish to overpopulate the website with inferior products / services and we want to provide sales for all Preferred Suppliers in each category.

We limit Preferred Suppliers per category because there will inevitably be a difference in demand for products / services from category to category. We will increase or decrease the amount of Preferred Suppliers from time to time so that we always have a balanced demand and supply. As a Preferred Supplier, you will need to supply one special offer per year of a discounted service / product that is exclusive to the CooCoo website. As CooCoo grows in strength, we will add more benefits for our Preferred Suppliers.

Advertising Power

The more people who advertise on CooCoo, the greater our advertising power becomes with Google, and in turn the more exposure we provide for our suppliers.

We take a percentage of each clients monthly/annually payments (33.3%), and contribute this amount collectively towards Adwords, and other online marketing campaigns. Once we have our targeted amount of suppliers per category, we can guarantee one of the top 3 spots in Google for that category. This essentially means that there will be no competition for your company, except the suppliers in your category. We also use banner advertising to promote the CooCoo website on multiple websites, which drives traffic and Buyers to our site. We also promote the CooCoo website on hundreds of directories and we have extensive marketing campaigns going out on a monthly basis to get new buyers every month. An advertising campaign of such magnitude costs tens of thousands of Rands each month, and not one company could afford to do this on it's own, and that's what makes CooCoo great.

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