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Saying I dos to Cookies than Cakes

When it comes to alternative desserts, there are so many yummy treats that could replace your wedding cake. One of the main reasons why most couples chose to shift to cookies as wedding desserts is that they are already tired of serving usual treats like cake. Another imperative reason is that the couple does not want to spend lots of money for a serving of cake. Whatever the reason is, picking delicious cookies vs cake for wedding ceremony, is indeed a good choice.

Non traditional

Wedding cakes are the usual desserts being served in a formal event like wedding. If you want o break the tradition, serve delicious cookies and everyone will be happy. There are so many types of cookies; some are loaded with sugar and some are even sugar-free. Other cookies are loaded with rum or liquor as well for which is god for adults.

Easy to customize

Like cupcakes, the selected variety of cookies could also be arranged in 3 to 4 tier design, like a wedding cake. In order to do this, you will only need a cake tier stand. Arrange the variety of cookies on each respective level to look like a real cake.


Cakes are usually very sweet but with cookies, you can add some other ingredients like pecan and other forms of nuts. These nuts especially pecans could help you fight high blood pressure level, breast cancer and other medical conditions.

If you ever decide to get delicious cookies vs cake for wedding ceremony, then you need to plan out with your catering service ahead of time. Your caterer or baker will give you options when it comes to flavor preferences for your cookies.

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